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May 23, 2022.

If your teen struggles with reading, it's very possible that you don't know about it.


Put yourself in the world of a teen who has problems with reading.

Everybody around you seems like a good reader. Everybody else seems like they're doing okay in school.

But not you.

Everything in your classes is bad, so you must be stupid. It's always been that way. And there's nothing you can do about it.

There's no way you want your friends to find out. So, you give up and do everything you can to hide the problem.

You pretend your eyesight is bad. You pretend you don't care. You pretend that school is not important.

You learn enough to send text messages and get by on social media. You withdraw into video games.

You hope every day that nobody finds out about your problem. And you're scared about your future.

If you suspect that your son or daughter struggles with reading, get help now.

Contact your child's school. Speak to your child's teachers. And follow up if you don't get the assistance you need.

Don't hesitate to call the principal. If that doesn't work, call the school district. Keep searching and do not take no for an answer.

Every student can learn at high levels. And it's never too late to help a student who has been struggling. Believe in your child and do not take no for an answer.

See below for an inspiring story from CBS 60 Minutes about Marva Collins, an award-winning teacher and inspiration to millions who would never give up.

Russ Thompson, Ed.D, is a retired reading teacher and high school principal who is the founder of Finding Forward Books.

During his time as an educator, mostly in high-poverty areas of Los Angeles, he worked closely with at-risk students.

He observed many successes. He also observed the tragedy of students who did not get the support they needed

Finding the right books is a big step in helping students improve their reading skills. See more at

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