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Updated: May 16, 2022

May 9, 2022.

Nobody wants students to fall through the cracks and fail in school. But it happens every day. And a big reason why, is because of low reading skills.

Ed Bray is a World War II veteran who learned to read at age 89. He got help from Dr. Tobi Thompson, a dedicated professor of reading at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma. He also decided that nothing was going to stop him.

For his entire life, Ed had covered up his problem by getting others to read for him. Finally, he decided to change. And when he learned to read, it transformed his life.

With kids, it's very much the same. They feel ashamed that they have not learned to read well. They become convinced that they cannot learn to read well. And they do everything they can to hide it.

Click below to see Ed Bray's inspiring story by Steve Hartman of CBS News. But be ready. It will probably bring tears to your eyes.

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