Nick Simonson is troubled, lonely, and sinking fast in high school. He's failing classes and sees no future for himself. Tragedies occur that sink him lower. Can he pick himself up and move forward? See Publishers Weekly, BookLife ReviewsLexile measure 520L. ISBN 978-1-7373157-4-2.


Owen Daniels a ninth grader, has had difficulties with reading since first grade. A teacher works with him, and he makes excellent progress. Others come to believe in him. But he must learn to believe in himself. Lexile measure 420L. ISBN 978-0-5789237-2-7.


Miles Pruitt has been struggling in high school. When his dad is sent to prison, things get worse. He quits studying, fails classes, and gets kicked off the basketball team. How will he pick himself up and move forward? Lexile measure 390L. ISBN 978-1-7373157-0-4.


Roy Perkins struggles in high school. He never knew his dad. His mom died in a meth-lab explosion. And his alcoholic uncle beats him. He is sent to live with a caring foster family. But the challenges continue. See Kirkus ReviewsLexile measure 530L. ISBN 978-1-7373157-1-1.


Tenth-grader Elgin Hobbs seems fine on the outside. But he's failing several classes. His divorced parents fight. And his mom is an alcoholic. He tries to rise above it. But life keeps bringing him down. See Foreword Clarion ReviewsLexile measure 540L. ISBN 978-1 7373157-2-8.


Tennison (Ten-Cent) Sanders, an eleventh grader at Edison High School, is a gifted football player. He has a great future and the talent to play in the pros someday. But he ruins it all by making bad decisions. Lexile measure 400L. ISBN 978-1-7373157-3-5.