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For many students, school is a place of negativity and frustration. They are constantly reminded they are not good enough. They endure it only because they have to.

It doesn't have to be that way. Click below to see an inspiring video by Dr. Carol Dweck, professor of psychology at Stanford University. She talks about ways to help kids develop persistence and learn to believe in themselves.

Are you looking for materials to help students improve their reading skills? At Finding Forward Books, we publish easy-to-read novels with positive life lessons for teens. Our goal is to help students improve their reading skills, increase their success in school, and gain hope.

The books have compelling stories, short sentences, and easy vocabulary to give teens a positive experience with reading. Lexile measures range from 390 to 560.

They are printed in a special font, Open Dyslexic, that's easier to read for students who have dyslexia.

The books have been praised in Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly BookLife Reviews, Foreword Clarion Reviews, and BlueInk Reviews.

They may be ordered from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, independent bookstores, and suppliers such as Express Booksellers, Ingram, and Mackin.

See all of our titles and request a free exam copy at:

Russ Thompson, Ed.D., is a retired educator who served as a reading teacher and high-school principal in Los Angeles. Much of his time was spent working with at-risk students. He holds a teaching credential as a reading specialist, as well as a doctorate in education from UCLA.

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